• We treat you like a partner

    We realize that you have a lot riding on your project big or small.

    We are also smart enough to realize that without your partnership our organization is really not going any place real fast.

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  • We bring our best ideas

    Each and every day our teams find themselves in environments where creativity is an absolute must.

    We are constantly offering ways to improve the end product and super serve client and end-user needs.

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  • We are responsive

    We know how valuable your time is and that when you have an idea or question you need to hear from us.

    Thus, with each and every request that you have we will do our very best to be responsive to your needs.

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Our Services

Why Choose Us?

    • Flexibility
      Ability to accommodate specialty and one of a kind service
    • Confidentiality
      We always focus on confidentiality and professionalism
    • Agility
      We use best practice to deliver lasting improvements to our client
    • Expertise
      We have the best people with abundant relevant experience and expertise in the field
    • Best tools
      We have the best methods developed over years of hands on operational experience
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    • Affordable
      Extremely competitive prices
    • We listen
      We work with you to build trust and minimize risk
    • Coverage
      We know the Earth doesn’t stop turning, so we work on the principles of 24*7 hence, we are always available.
    • Innovation
      Up to date on latest market trends and innovations
    • Commitment
      Our commitment to customers has been the driving force in our continued growth.

Orion Joint Logistics LLC

  • 50+
    Years of Experience
  • Orion Joint Logistics is a limited liability service company established with the aim of providing state of the art solutions to field players in the Logistic arena. The company has over 50 years of accumulated experience in the areas of Logistic Support, Mechanical and Technical Services as well as Research and Development.

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